Can Marijuana Treat Side-Effects of Hepatitis C Medication

Hepatitis C or HCV virus can cause chronic liver problems. HCV and HCV medications have many complications, and to avoid those unpleasant side-effects, they are turning to marijuana.

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What is hepatitis C?

A viral infection that attacks liver is hepatitis C. Primarily it gets transmitted through sharing of needles while using the drug, it gets transmitted via infected blood. Also, hepatitis C can get transmitted through:

  • birthing process (from infected mother to baby)
  • sexual contact (but rarely)
  • blood transfusions
  • tattoo needles

People who have hepatitis C mightn’t show any symptoms for days, months, years, or decades. This is a condition which is diagnosed when physicians find complications of liver and medical testing.

National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws says that there are many people with HCV who uses cannabis and finds that its use eases their general symptoms. When HCV treatment is ongoing, the patient feels nausea, and marijuana eases them from these kinds of feelings.

The relationship between marijuana and hepatitis C

You can’t treat a hepatitis C patient with the help of marijuana and nor they can be treated with complications leading to cirrhosis and liver disease. However, marijuana can be helpful to discomfort by reducing nausea from someone who is treated with hepatitis C medications.

Marijuana can be taken by:

  • smoking
  • ingested with edibles and pills
  • vaporized
  • absorbed under tongue

In a few studies, it is seen that marijuana impose stricter adherence to treatment protocols. The studies concluded by reducing the discomfort and unpleasant side-effects of hepatitis C medications, marijuana makes the antiviral more tolerable to the patients.

The Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology reported that marijuana is prevalent amongst people suffering from HCV.

Taking marijuana doesn’t hurt anything, but it even didn’t influence liver biopsies. It also didn’t impact antiviral treatment. So, as it doesn’t do any damage to the liver and reduces the unpleasantness from HCV medications, it can be safe to be used if someone is suffering from HCV.

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