Car Tinting: Pros and Cons

Car tinting is something that many people do to their vehicles. There are pros and cons to doing this, but generally, the pros outweigh the cons. They can provide the vehicle owner with many benefits that you would not normally get with plain windows that are not covered with some sort of tint. Read more about car tinting to find out if it is the right choice for you to go with, or if you should consider something else for the windows of your vehicle.

What is Car Tinting

Car tinting is done on the windows of a vehicle. It provides them with a deeper, darker look and can shade the outside light from coming inside and blinding the driver. This is most helpful when the sun is facing the vehicle and right in the way of seeing where the road is. The tinting that is done on the windows can be different shades, as there are many levels of shading that can be used. Additionally, checking with the local and state laws regarding tint for your area is recommended. Certain places have specific guidelines for the shade of tint that can be used.

Pros of Tinting

  • Protect your eyes and shade yourself from the incoming light that might potentially cause an accident
  • Block the light from ruining the interior of the vehicle, because the sunlight might fade the cloth in the seats
  • Tint can reduce the chances of having thieves look inside the vehicle for things that they might find appealing and want to steal
  • Blocking the UV rays can also help to protect the driver’s skin from sunburn on those long rides where it might be necessary
  • Tint can provide an extra barrier between the person and the outside world. The glass might be protective, but with an extra barrier, it can be harder for something on the outside to penetrate through
  • It can reduce the amount of heat that passes into the car by up to 60% depending on the darkness level of the tint, this is especially helpful in areas where high heat is expected

Cons of Tinting

  • Dark tinted windows might impair vision during inclement weather, so this is something to think about depending on the area you live in
  • Some laws might state that deeper, darker tint cannot be used on the windows for safety purposes
  • Aftermarket tints can crack and break down with time

It is important to think about where you go to have the car tint put on the windows. This is important because you want to make the most of the tinting that is being done, while also being able to keep the tint on the windows for as long as possible. Professionals are the only ones that should be installing the tint on the windows, because you want to make sure not only is it done right, but that accidents do not happen. Speak with professionals that can walk you through the process and show you their high quality tint material before having it done.

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