Crowdfunding for Peaceful Protests against Military Violence in Places like Kashmir

It’s not uncommon to read reports of violence breaking out in Jammu-Kashmir. Land related conflicts such as the Jammu-Kashmir dispute have gone on for years. The biggest victims however, are the people, innocent citizens – who lose the lives of their loved ones in armed military violence. It’s not just militants and armed forces, we even hear of civilian reports where people, neighbours, relatives, and friends have been mercilessly tortured to extract any kind of information from them. Structures of violence tell us about the horrifying state of violence that is inflicted upon men, women, and children – a constant abuse of human rights.

While there is a political and religious history behind these conflicts, we must stay focused on relief. We must create awareness about the number of human beings that are being hurt and tortured. If history is anything to go by, peaceful protests from the past, have taught us a thing or two about revolution and change. There’s a lot of power in a large group of people standing up for what they believe in without hurting, or inflicting cruelty upon others. At Impact Guru, we wish to make our crowdfunding India platform available to those who want to start, or participate in peaceful revolutions that are fighting against military violence in conflict areas like Kashmir.

Here’s what the role of a crowdfunding India would look like:

Crowdfund for security measures of a protest

In order to keep a protest completely peaceful, it would benefit to hire security and take other security and insurance related measures to ensure no violence breaks out during a protest. Safety should be a primary concern.

Crowdfund to advertise peaceful protests

Not only will crowdfunding help you raise money to run ads stating details of your protest, but also give your cause the visibility and virility it needs, to gain traction and draw in more protesters. You may even fund the creation of video clips to promote the protest.

Crowdfund for posters and banners to support the protest

No protest is complete without posters and banners with slogans that will help you enhance the effectiveness of your peaceful protest. Such expenses can easily be crowdfunded for.

Provision of water bottles during protests

Raise money to arrange for water bottles for protesters – if the protest goes on for long time, water will be essential.

Crowdfund to raise awareness about military violence

Revolutions don’t end with a single protest. Keep up your activities through effective awareness programs, and help people understand why your cause is important, and why people need to join hands to advocate change.

It’s amazing to see how people are adopting innovative approaches like online fundraising, in every sphere of life. Through the possibilities of raising money in a crowdfunding India, we can all come together to fight against violence and violation of human rights. If such a cause matters to you, raise funds on Impact Guru, to start a peaceful protest today!

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