Fridge Repair

Have you found the light has stopped working in the fridge? Are you finding it hard to shut the door properly? Do you think the temperature is sometimes too hot or too cold when you go to use the fridge? Is there a bad odour and you want it gone? Here are some quick tips to try with your appliance.

For the fridge light, more often than not it will just need replacing.  This is a simple process, and the easiest way to do this is to unscrew the bulb and take it into your local appliance tradesman who will either have it in stock or they’ll be able to order one in for you.

Do you see that when you shut the door, it doesn’t close properly or there appears to be a gap of some sort coming from one of the sides? It sounds like the seal may be the problem in this instance. You would need to remove the seal before troubleshooting it.  If you’re worried about wasting energy from the fridge, you can always turn off the fridge while you carry this task out.

The best way to start this is to get a blunt knife or something else rigid like a screwdriver and lift the seal, and you’ll find some screws, these need to be loosened slightly.  Once you’ve done this, the seal should easily come off, and you can inspect it further for things like holes and cracks.  Cracks would mean a replacement seal would be required. A handy tip for a seal that doesn’t appear to be damaged would be to apply grease on the side that connects to the fridge; this can help prevent any difficult issues further down the line.  Making sure the seal is re-attached and the screws are tightly fixed will ensure the door should shut properly.

A fridge that doesn’t have the correct temperature can be problematic and, in some ways, dangerous for your food and the family to which you serve that.  By checking the thermostat, you should see that it’s somewhere between 35 and 40 degrees, if it isn’t then adjust it accordingly, but if not, then you’ll have to look at the condenser coils.  These just need a simple clean.

Do you find an odd smell coming from your fridge but can’t find the cause for it? The first thing you should do is empty your fridge entirely.  Typically, most odours come from food not being covered up properly or gone off food. It could be meats, left-over dinners and even some fruits.  If you’ve cleared it all and the food is not the problem, try the shelves, as food may have got caught down the sides or liquids spilt can change in smell over time too.  Give it all a good clean, this should resolve any bad odours.

To make sure you keep your fridge maintained and in good working condition, you should clean it out regularly and keep all foods covered up well.

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