Get Ready to Play a Fun Domino QiuQiuGame

The most famous and topmost game among the various gambling lovers, Domino Qiu Qiu is a very crucial win for the players. Sometimes, luckiest one and good skilled players win the domino QiuQiu. If you want to play this game, you need to learn more different tricks and strategies that help you to win the gambling.

The main strategy to win this game is you to understand the game, which is necessary for you. The game may vary with the straight poker in that it is played by two, three or four players.

Things you need to know about Domino Qiu Qiu

For every gambling game, players should have in-depth knowledge about every tactic and trick then they have to apply on the game. This is the very crucial one to know all the tactics, but if you are in major, it enables you to win the game easily.

Domino QiuQiu is identical to the traditional online poker. But it has some differences, the players playing in a clockwise position.

While your turn, you have five options in your hand. They are:

  • Raising: raise the amount of stake
  • Folding: if opponent drop out the game, you can fold without showing your hand
  • Check: if you want to decide to continue a game, you can check if your opponents have placed a bet or not.
  • Calling: your betting money is equal to the other opponent; you should call the betting stops when other remaining players have contributed to the same pot.
  • Betting: while before, the minimum and maximum should be decided and it helps to boost the size of the pot.

Hands of Domino QiuQiu

The top highest hand will win the pot. Here, someĀ domino qiu qiu hands are ranked from best to worst,

  1. Royal Hand: Five doubles in your hand and it is the best hand
  2. The Straight Sixes: it can be achieved only two ways, so there is no chance to tie
  3. Four-of-a-kind: contains four doubles
  4. The Straight Fives: two ways to get a hand
  5. Full House: any suit with three double
  6. Straight Fours: sits of four sequence
  7. Triples: three of a kind
  8. The Flush: Five tiles have the same suit
  9. Pair: a single pair
  10. The High Card: the high card will win, while no one has any of the above hands

When you need rules in the game?

Before you start the games, you need to master the rules of the game, because it is the primary thing you should follow. Then you should formulate the strategy by yourself, it takes only half an hour. At the same time, learning tricky is a very simple thing.

One wrong move leads to losing the entire game. The major key is staying alert and keeps watching your opponent of their each and every move,

It looks easier and most of the peoples are interested in playing a domino qiuqiu game. Gambling lovers play this game continuously for 24 hours.

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