How to Excel in Science in Class 10th CBSE

The CBSE board has begun with the examinations. The students are busy with their studies leaving aside all the other activities. The grades you score in the 10th standard decide your future undertakings. The subjects you wish to opt for in the +2 depend upon your marks in the 10th.

The major subject to be deeply dealt with is Science. The students are usually weak in this subject. Also, the professional courses are generally from the Science stream. Physics, Chemistry is a mandatory affair along with the optional subjects Maths and Biology. The students who wish to go for the medical studies need to score well in Science. They need to own a proper strategy to be thorough with the subject. Let us discuss a few tips that might be beneficial for the students while preparing for the Science examination.

It is very important to have good clarity of the fundamentals and basics in Science. If the concept is clear, you can attempt any question confidently. Practice the numerical questions very well. The maximum portion contains numerical problems from chemistry and physics.

Be thorough with the differences in biology. The students often get confused between the procedures of mitosis and meiosis. Practice the diagrams properly. You score more when the explanation is accompanied by a diagram. Look at the marking structure and answer accordingly. Do not write stories for a 3 marks question. The examiners appreciate exact answers. Practice the Chemistry equations repeatedly. Write it as many times as you can. A single error cancels the entire answer.

Focus on important topics like electricity, the phenomenon of light, classification of bacteria, animal kingdom, and carbon and its compounds. Be thorough with every topic. The students cannot leave any topic because anything can be asked in the question paper. Go through the previous year’s question papers. The questions are repeated frequently. Also, practising the question papers and sample papers inculcates confidence in the students, and increases their writing speed.

The CBSE 10th Science examination will be held on March 13th, 2019. The above tips will help the students while preparing for Science.

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