Pet Ownership Affects Our Children In The Most Positive Way

When people were asked to think about their childhood, the first thing many of them thought about was their family pet, which just shows how positive an effect our pets have on us. There are many benefits that come along with pet ownership not just with children, but with adults as well.

However, having a pet in your household is not something to be seen as a light task, or a toy. Pets need love and they should be properly taken care of, which is why you should check out the friendly Hornsby vet from Gordon Vet Hospital, or talk to your local vet hospital instead.

Cats love to play, jump and spend time with the little ones

Great physical health

Having a pet when your kids are small will encourage them to stay active as they go out and play, especially if you have a dog. They are known to increase their motor skill and not just their daily activity. A study showed that kids with a pet were more likely to get into sports and exercise than those who did not have a pet.

Social skills

Besides their physical health, they are also great at helping children develop good social skills, which is very necessary and useful in the long run. Dogs are not at all judgmental and they offer unconditional love, which is something kids need, as they help them with the social cues.


While they do teach them how to be social, they will also teach your children about responsibility which is yet another important aspect. Kids need to learn this when they are small, and it is much easier to teach them when they are having fun. You can tell them to fill their dog’s bowl every day, which will teach them how to stay consistent.

Emotional support

Children are known to have emotional swings, and sometimes that can develop into something serious, but with a pet around them, they will have all the support they need. Just how their pet will offer them support you need to take proper care of the pet as well, and you can do so by visiting or contacting your local vet clinic.

Dogs have a lot to teach us and our children!

Kids who suffer from depression or anxiety are also known to get better with a pet by their side, especially a dog or a cat. These two animals are known to offer great emotional support not only to children but to everyone who takes good care of them. Pets love us unconditionally, and they deserve the same love back.


Recent research has shown that owning a dog will help your kids excel at school. The study was done on a number of children, which proved that kids who had a family dog were more likely to excel in their studies than those who did not have any pet at all.


If you are thinking of getting a family pet, you should consider adopting a pooch instead of purchasing. There are many pet adoptions centers with a number of pets that need a home, and you do not need to worry about safety, because all the dogs that are put up for adoption have to pass a test to see if they are suitable for a family.

 Final words

Dogs and cats are the pets we most often get, and they make great companions for our children, however, they are not the only animals that could offer emotional support. For example, guinea pigs, bunnies, horses, pigs, and many other pets are known to be of great support to their humans.

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