Practical Tips When Giving Your Pet Some Medication

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of caring for a sick pet you will know the struggle of trying to get them to take their medication. It seems like an impossible task, especially when they have become aware of your pattern and tricks, but just because it is difficult to accomplish doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

Here are some great tips every pet owner should keep in mind the next time they are faced with the challenge of giving their pets medication:

Tip #1: Stay Calm And Level-Headed

It is a stressful task to try to get your pets to take their medication, there is no denying that. However, it is best to keep calm when giving them their meds. Cats and dogs are known to fight, squirm, scratch, and do just about anything to avoid being forced to swallow their medication. As challenging as this may be, you as their loving owner should stay calm and confident.

Your pets can sense when you are nervous and scared and this will affect their reaction towards the medicine. It is best to remain calm so that your pets won’t panic when taking their medication.

Tip #2: Mix With Food

A great way to get your pets to take their medication with very little effort is to mix the medicine in their food. This works best with liquid medicines, but it can be a challenge if they require pills. Mix the medicine in wet food to help disguise the scent, or better yet hide the medication in your pet’s favorite treat so they will get excited and won’t even notice the medicine.

Tip #3: Try veterinary compounding pharmacy

Sometimes pets will require more than one type of medication to treat their illness and the challenge is amplified. Instead of forcing your pets to down their medication, why not make the experience less stressful for everyone?

Consult with a veterinary compounding pharmacy and ask if they have a custom formulation that can mix more than one type of pet medication. By doing this, your pet will never miss a dosage of their prescription and you will never have to worry about traumatizing them ever again. It is a quick and easy way to ensure your beloved pets get the treatment they need.

Bonus Tip: Cat Coating

For cat owners, it is even more of a struggle to get their feline pets to complete their prescription because they tend to struggle more than dogs. Their claws are sharper which means owners end up hurting themselves or their cats in the process.

Instead of forcing down the liquid medication, try placing some of the liquid medicine on their paws. They dislike feeling dirty so they will lick it right off, just make sure you put the medication in a place they can easily reach or this technique will not work.

No Need To Stress Over Medication Again!

The best way to ensure that your pets finish the entire prescription from start to finish is to invest in a custom veterinary compounding pharmacy. With their expertise, you will never again have to struggle with medication for your pets.
Akina Animal Health is a new kind of veterinary compounding pharmacy. We’re here to help pet lovers, veterinarians, and ultimately pets that we care for.

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