Prevent a High Cell Phone Bill: 5 Money-Saving Tips to Consider

Cellular phones are no longer luxuries, but rather are considered necessities today as these help you communicate with your loved ones, friends and other important people with greater ease. Everyone will agree that without these mobile devices, especially  in today’s highly digital age, life can quickly become messy and stressful.

For instance, how exactly would you know the whereabouts of your loved ones, especially in times of unforeseen events? How would you be able to work collaboratively with your colleagues, especially if you are separated by long distances? All aspects of modern life can be negatively affected. This is why getting a cell phone with a good plan is absolutely crucial.

But with plenty of phone plan carriers to choose from, finding the best phone plan can be quite daunting. Furthermore, the hassles of owning a phone do not stop there, since you still need to pay your monthly phone bills or recharge your account regularly so you can use it.

To help you out get the best out of your mobile device, here are five helpful tips for saving money on your cell phone plan.

1. Match your cell phone plan with your monthly usage

A cell phone plan often includes a certain amount of allowable call minutes, SMS messaging, and mobile data. Once you exceed these monthly allocations, you’ll be charged with overage fees. If, for instance, you don’t have an unlimited mobile data plan, you need to carefully watch how much data you are using.

Also, you should be aware of the different ways to lower your data usage. These include using Wi-Fi connections whenever available and limiting video and other streaming services when you’re on cellular data.

The same is true with your talk and text plan. If you will be using your phone for calling and texting your contacts often, consider getting an unlimited talk and text plan. If not, avoid unlimited offers because these would just be a waste of your money.

Also, consider whether you can contact these important people online through Skype, Messenger, and other messaging apps instead. In this case, you can limit your calling and messaging services and spend more on your monthly mobile data allowance.

Thus, it is crucial for you to determine your monthly phone needs before subscribing to a cell phone plan. This is the only way you can get a plan that matches your needs and does not pour your money down the drain.

2. Consider blocking third-party charges

If you are not fond of buying ringtones, apps, and games for your phone, then make sure t block third-party charges. By doing so, shady companies won’t be able to attach any fraudulent charges on your monthly bill.

In case you need to allow these third-party charges, you must be vigilant by checking your phone bill every month. Call your network provider as soon as you notice any charges that you do not understand before paying your bill. A reputable cell phone plan provider will remove these unknown charges immediately.

3. Opt for a shared data plan

Reputable carriers today allow users to share their minutes, SMS, and data with other people. This means that you can join your account with your child, parent, spouse or a close friend. Shared data plans allow you to enjoy significant savings, so make sure to take advantage of this service whenever you can.

When searching for a shared phone plan, opt for one that offers rollover minutes, texts and mobile data instead of the use-it-or-lose-it agreement. Also, ask if they provide a shared plan with regular device upgrades so you can receive a new device annually or every two years.

4. Skip the unnecessary plan inclusions

When you upgrade or get a new plan, you will be offered lots of “extras.” The sales representative will compel you to get these unnecessary inclusions. Don’t give in because these extra services would only be a waste of your money. For instance, you can save dollars if you forego a cellular data plan for your tablets, laptops, and wearables.

5. Go prepaid

No contract prepaid cell phone plans are becoming popular these days. Though you won’t get a free mobile device from these plans like you would with postpaid plans, this option offers more flexibility and cost-savings. You don’t have to worry about monthly phone bills and being locked-in to a long-term contract. Instead, you will just be paying for a certain amount of minutes, SMS, and mobile data without signing a contract.

With plenty of phone plans from different carriers on offer, you will have more opportunities than ever to get the best deal and save money. Getting a plan that matches your needs and budget, blocking third-party charges, opting for a shared or prepaid plan, and skipping all unnecessary plan inclusions are great places to start. Be a savvy mobile user from now on!

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