Top 3 reasons why E-cigarettes are bad

Gone are the days of rolled tobacco cigarettes as it is the time of technology and e-cigarettes have made the most significant entrance. No more smokes, no more lingering smell and no more severe addiction because premium e cigarette Australia are here with their less harmful vapour and tasty flavours. But with every plus point comes a minus one and this particular product comes with both as well. While vapes in the technical sense are better than tobacco cigarettes; there are some new problems that they bring to the table. Here are some of them. Let’s look at them

  1. Heavy metals

E-cigarettes are all electronic gadgets and hence are battery operated. The e-liquid that contains the main nicotine element also has certain other substances such as the heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Lead is widely-known as a toxic element and is even avoided in the form of lead-based wall paints. So imagine the damage they might do to the human body when inhaled. Further there are some other components in the e-liquid which when come in contact with the outer metallic body of the tube can prove poisonous to the consumer. So these little problems can become bigger concerns later.

  1. Electronic Element

The main attraction of E-cigarettes is its electronic element instead of the traditional flame operated tobacco-rolled cigarettes. But while electricity does seem like the best modification, it does add the added chances of electrical complexities. For instances, there had been a brand of e-cigarettes going around that tended to burst when used severely injuring the face and mouth of the user. Now, this is an extremely tragic occurrence, but it’s not common. But still, the probability of that happening is a little higher and does pose a cause for concern. So take proper precaution.

  1. Environmental Pollution

It is true that one E-cigarette is equivalent to 10 packs of rolled tobacco cigarettes. But in these electronic gadgets, there are batteries and batteries are one of the most toxic elements that cause land and water pollution. The lithium from the batteries tends to seep into the ground and water bodies and cause poisonous pollution that harms our planet. Further, if the refills are not completely used then the leftover e-liquid becomes another subset of toxins that cause pollution. Thus while using e-cigarettes may save your money it might actually accelerate the rate at which we are killing our planet

Aside from the obvious problems with smoking such as lung cancer and tumors in one’s throat and mouth, E-cigarettes come with these subtler dilemmas that might leave you rethinking your choices. While the best course of action is to stop smoking altogether and focus energy on more constructive ways such as exercise and adhering to a balanced diet, it becomes quite difficult for cigarette-users that have relied on this method of stress-relief for a very long time. But hey, there is no such thing as impossible. So go ahead start quitting. It is really worth it.

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