Top  5 merchandise products your company needs to release

When you are starting a brand, or just reinforcing it, you want to boost your promoting methods. In this case scenario, merchandise plays a huge role.

Merchandise is there to promote your products and services. Merch products are often used for a long time and clients and personnel, so they tend to remember the brand. All you need is a product that is used often enough, and you have a good merchandise item.

You can also benefit from your personnel having merchandise products. Having them around their offices creates a sense of belonging towards the company or the brand your company is promoting. Having a few good merch products around never fails.

In this list, we pay homage at some of the best merchandise products out there.  You should consider having some of these as merchandise products if you want your brand to stick out from the rest. Keep reading and discover the top 5 merchandise products:

The classic digital photo frame

This item has been around for several years now, and it never gets old. New technology keeps updating this item, but the stripped down version keeps being popular over the years.

Quick and easy order online can make this item arrive at your company with personalized logos and even a company’s logo picture uploaded at the factory.  This inexpensive item can be around the desk of every employee.

Most people like to keep around photos of their loved ones on their desks, so its popularity will never fade.

The new and improved digital photo frame… which happens to play mp3 files and other media!

An updated version of the previous item is proving to be even more popular than its predecessor. This item is like the big brother of the classic digital photo frame. It has some features that most people wouldn’t expect. They play various video formats, play music, have an HDMI port and, of course, displays photographs.

This item is often given as a special gift at companies’ advertising campaigns that have some price for good customers or employees. They are much more expensive than their predecessors, but this also makes small orders more readily available at retailers.

The lanyard

A lanyard is a cord that you use to hold ID cards and other similar items. They also are often used to hold keys rings to belts

Lanyards come in a vast array of colors and designs. Because of their convenience, they are still very common at offices and as merchandise products.

A lanyard never fails because is used as part of a person’s clothing and it can display the company’s logo at every moment of the day. They are a classic, and it is unlikely for them to disappear from the merchandising scene. Lanyards Tomorrow consistently offers name badge holders or card passes, badges and id accessories with discount.

ID card holders

ID card holders are just as prevalent as lanyards because they have a very specific function and are often used. They can be designed using translucent materials. This allows the ID card’s back to be used as it would normally be without having to remove the ID card holder constantly.

ID card holders can also be ordered in huge amounts for companies.  It is very uncommon for a company not to have released one type of ID card holder at least once.

Shopping bag

Protecting our planet is more important than ever before, and what better way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to mother earth than to release a promotional shopping bag.

Shopping bags are useful and have a very noble purpose. When used, they reduce waste by keeping users from buying new plastic bags that would otherwise end up in the oceans or damaging animals and soil, for thousands of years. Shopping bags are often made of biodegradable or recycled materials so that they don’t cause the damage they prevent at the end of their lifetime.

This product is not only great for the planet, but it also can display hugely your company’s logo or even a promotional image. And this will happen every time its user goes shopping!

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