Two-Wheeler Insurance Online Plans

Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy is an insurance coverage that helps you cover the monetary expenditures of a two-wheeler against any unexpected situations comprising of accidents, thefts, or natural disasters. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory to have your two-wheeler covered always with an insurance policy. Thus, the cost of your insurance policy is usually added to your complete cost as a premium that is valid for a specific duration, usually one year or longer. Once that is over, you should get your plan renewed with your insurance agent.

Different Two-Wheeler Insurance Online Plans and Their Benefits

In India, there are two types of two wheeler insurance online plans:

1. Third Party or Liability Insurance

This is a category of insurance plan that is mandatory under the laws of our country and covers the damages caused to the vehicle in an accident, accidental death, as well as injuries inflicted upon the third party by you.

The benefits of this policy are:

  • This policy helps you cover the damages that the third party’s automobile incurs after being involved in an accident with your motor vehicle.
  • All medical charges which are incurred due to damages by third party vehicles are covered under this policy, thus, decreasing your financial accountability for the accident.

2.  Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance policies cover the reparations, legal expenditures, and medical expenses for both, you, as well as the third party tangled in the accident. It also shelters your two-wheeler from damages due to natural as well as man-made disasters including theft, vandalism, riots, etc. This is an optional two-wheeler insurance online plan.

The benefits of this policy are:

  • It covers expenses incurred due to damage to your vehicle and covers all the expenses to reinstate it to its original condition.
  • In case of a personal accident, the policy will insure you in cases of injury, disability, or in the instance of an untimely death due to the accident.
  • It also covers all third-party damages and liabilities.

Available Two-Wheeler Online Plans in India

There are a number of factors to consider before buying a two-wheeler insurance online. Choose the plan that suits you best. We have listed below the best two-wheeler insurance online plans of 2018:

· Bharti AXA Two-Wheeler Insurance

Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance covers all damages faced by you and your two-wheeler and also provides protection against any third-party liabilities. The plan offers financial defence against damages caused due to accidents, theft, natural disasters, etc.

The key features of the plan include- hassle-free 24×7 claim settlement from any of the cashless network garages, the 24×7 Customer Support, as well as a comprehensive coverage of all the possible accident scenarios.

· Bajaj Allianz Two-Wheeler Insurance

Bajaj Allianz offers long period two-wheeler insurance policies that protect you against most of the expenses related to your two-wheeler.

The plan’s key features include instant renewals, a massive network of cashless garages in addition to around 75% cash payment in the absence of a cashless payment option, as well as sub-plans to cater to very specific requirements.

· HDFC Ergo Two-Wheeler Insurance

HDFC Ergo two-wheeler insurance policies protect you from your own damages, as well as third-party liabilities. The company’s long-term two-wheeler policies are readily available to help you in the event of an accident or misadventure.

This particular insurance plan boasts of an incurred claim ratio of 94% and more than 4,800 cashless garages across the country and, thus, is a widely preferred solution for all two-wheeler policy requirements.

· IFFCO Tokio Two-Wheeler Insurance

The IffcoTokio General two-wheeler insurance offers profitable two-wheeler insurance policies that safeguard all your two-wheeler needs.

From giving a digital copy of the plan to hassle-free claim reimbursement, IFFCO Tokio essentially guarantees that your vehicle is safeguarded against all financial risks in the truest form.

· Reliance Two-Wheeler Insurance

Reliance two-wheeler insurance covers all your requirements for the perfect policy which is pocket-friendly, hassle-free, and lucrative.

The key features offered by Reliance are instant and real-time paperless renewals, long-term policy tenures, attractive discounts, special add-on covers, and 430 + cashless garages all over India.


You need to carefully analyse, examine, evaluate, and compare all the two-wheeler online plans as per your requirements. Choose the best fit for you and your two-wheeler and only then purchase it. We, at, can help you in reviewing all the possible plans and the best two-wheeler insurance online quotes, according to your requirements and budgets easily. allows car lease shoppers to obtain quick and easy access to view and Car Leasing deals of their favorite vehicles.

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