When you face the sun, your shadows are behind you

Disability is a state of mind. Throughout history, we have come across names who went beyond their physical and mental impairments and have left their mark on humanity. Psychologists the world over are baffled with the high IQ levels of differently abled people. With a workforce close to 280 million worldwide, these people have an important role to play in the economy of their residing countries. It’s become imperative to provide them with cheap and reliable forms of transportation. Many countries have come up with wheelchair taxi services that although are convenient but are expensive in comparison to their regular counterparts owing to the high maintenance cost of the in-fit accessories.

Cars with benefits:

The focus today is to provide assistance to the differently abled people with the help of technology. The existing four-wheelers in the market are now being customized for this segment of the population for providing convenient and cheap means of transport. This converted wheelchair car is then fitted with the most ergonomic and space friendly accessories that are fully mechanized. For instance, an outsider hitch lift stores your unused power wheelchair on the backside of the car. On the touch of a button, it automatically lifts off the ground and securely locks the wheelchair in position. Similarly, steering aids such as spinner knobs, multifunction buttons, gear shift, and parking brake extensions can be installed for the ease of driving.

Not so good after all:

Mobility cars might appear attractive for you as a differently abled user. But, there are a few factors that steal the shine from these customized driving solutions. Rather than buying a new mobility vehicle, it is financially advisable to have your existing car converted. Some vehicles have seats removed to provide space for ramps which means lesser seating options for co-passengers.

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